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OG-Chan # 313 – Leading the Way

so comipo snuck in an update in october that I’ve only just noticed now.

I can now put 64 pages in a single file now, as opposed to 32.


Something about the 32 bit limit or sommat.

I don’t understand it.


Something tells me the limit was arbitrary and they’re merely attempting to make the full transition to a 64 bit comic production thing stick in people’s heads.



They did add something neat, however. Edge enhancement.

Giving it a try with this current comic, and seeing how it will end up looking.


I personally appreciate the way this comic is getting better without me really trying. >.>




I felt like I mentioned that Macho Man Randy Savage put out a rap album before he died, but at the same time don’t care that I did.

Because somebody reminded me that it exists. And I felt kinda bad since I remembered he’s dead.

This here piece dissing Hulk Hogan.


RIP in peace, my nigga.

RIP in peace.