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OG-Chan # 309 – Heavy Handed PT 9

these chain letters are getting out of hand

God damn.




It’s also the 32nd comic of the longform comic save file!

So it’ll be a new longform that I’ll be working from.

(10 shortform files or so)

God damn.

Feels good to be a gangsta.



Taking a hell of a long ass time to render.

In that case, I will go snoop in the mixtapes room of the SuperNerdLand discord.

The Twitter account should have the permanent invite in the bio so go check it here


And look and behold

Guess who’s being tastemaker again~


Fucking Jake.

That homosexual.

That’s who.

With a fucking fire mix, ngl.

Also uh.


I’m gonna be lazy on Monday and not put nothing up on Christmas eve.

Ya’ll have a good weekend and hopefully ya’ll get your bits touched in the way you like.