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OG-Chan # 307 – Odaiji ni

So uh.

There’s apparently a superstition in Japan where the number of times you sneeze out of nowhere determines the context of people talking about you behind your back.


One is gossip.

Two is bad gossip.

Three probably means you’ve got allergies.




Also when people sneeze, nobody really cares.

Odaiji ni means “take care of yourself” but it’s only really said if you’re actually sick.

Sneezes on their own are really noted, and don’t really count but whatever.



Speaking of Japan, I just recently found out there’s a transliteration of Country Road, which is nice as all get out. It’s not getting put on the mixtape since it’s way too chill, but I just wanted ya’ll to hear it.

It’s from the movie Whisper of the Heart but this cover is done by a lass named Chelle.

way too chill


also have a good weekend and try not to punch old ladies for christmas presents