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OG-Chan # 306 – Heavy Handed PT 8

oh goodness.

Guess what I have in common with old timey pirates?


Cause I think I accidentally caught scurvy.

Easy to fix.

Just been so tired lately.

But this is no problem to fix now that I know what’s wrong.


(Just got too used to being tired all the time, I think)



Well, astride from being a moron.

We’re gonna start writing stuff soon for SuperNerdLand


So keep that shit in view.

Also! I grabbed a commission from Pablo Romero of our girl!


Go check him out!



For today’s music, a disturbing video featuring Aesop Rock was brought to my attention by Jake.

The music is p-good, aside from it being spooky.



I don’t know what else to talk about so ya’ll have a good week!