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OG-Chan # 303 – Heavy Handed PT 6

Sorry for the late release.

Was trying to figure out how to frame this, and kept getting distracted by a book.

Uh. Sexcraft Chronicles by an Edmund Hughes.

Lewd book about a gunmage who constantly puts a hot noblewoman in the imouto-zone.

Kinda neat.



Shit this is taking a long ass time to render.

Yeah it’s a lewd fucking book, but that’s not (entirely) the reason why it’s drawing my attention.

It’s at a real fucked up bit where the hero is on the cusp of getting even more revenge.

So much revenge.

And fucking, but it’s good fucking, you know?

Unlike the vengeance, which has mostly gotten me furious.

(Second book’s vengeance was pretty good though)




Remember GMCFosho?

He’s not a bad nigga

Hell, he’s one of the best.

And this song is one of his best, tbh.




It can’t be helped, but ya’ll should have a good weekend!