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OG-Chan # 302 – Only they Remember

I read on a capture from Tumblr that 90s kids are called the generation of nostalgia, because that decade was when so many things were changed, created, and now obsolete.

Like, everything got fucking weird.

One moment there was neon and kids being rad and corded phones, and tech with see through plastic bodies, were getting sold fucking milk cap liners with designs on them and then

and then bam, fucking terrorists blow up the twin towers, and all the colours went back to neutral again.

We’re the generation where weird tech was foisted upon and which was then completely fucking forgotten less than three years after the towers fell.

Where fucking.. Our parents had next to no information tech, and now all these swee-baboos wandering around have a fucking super computer (By 90s standards) in their pocket.


It’s fucked up.

Speaking of fucked up, check this shit out