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OG-Chan # 301 – Forgetting the plot PT 3





Watching weird things with Josh.

Mainly the production of Parmesan.


You can’t quite make the same cheese anywhere else cause of three strains of bacteria present in the grass where it’s made.

Real neat shit.

Takes a hell of a lot of work though.



It’s American Thanksgiving isn’t it?

And Punching Old Ladies in the Face for a Vacuum cleaner day too?


I went to go out to go punch an old lady in the face for a vacuum cleaner.

No old lady to punch, but I did get my vacuum cleaner.

Overall, 0/10 for my Black Friday experience.


Not sure if I plugged the Prodigy last Monday.

But I gotta again.

It’s fuckin’

This song is great.

Thanks Insti for bringing it to my attention!



Have a good weekend folks,

and don’t get into any fistfights over food.

Or, uh.

Hit with fuckin’..

Teargas. Like our Josh did.


Have a good weekend everyone!



PS. If anybody wants to put OG-Chan in weird places, fucking do it.


that should be transparent, if not, check her account, I know I put a fucking green screen image on there somewhere.