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OG-Chan # 300 – Lost PT 2

Well uh.



God damn.

I don’t know what to say here, really.

I mean, I should keep going on with what I’m going on.

Maybe another 300?

Who knows.


Who would have thought we could have gotten this far?



One of the few things I’ve dedicated myself to is getting these fucking comics out.



I’m kinda speechless, aside from rambling really.

CBBloch, you didn’t do much other than give me the best advice I ever could have gotten.

So thanks, bro.



Shit, I don’t know.

We’re getting a new theme up for this bitch soon, is what Josh says.

Celebrating the tri-centennial.

So I guess I could talk about that.

He refuses to give me details so I will speculate.




No, I can’t do that.

I can’t constrain an artist like that.

Especially when it comes to CSS.



I mean.




Really at a loss here.

For words, mainly, but.

As for today’s music, occasionalosly I do manage to get some out of nowhere music myself fams.

I don’t always need the SuperNerdLand rap corps to back me up.

Like Gang Starr.

This some of the old good shit from back in the day, god damn.

Anyway, ya’ll continue to have a good week!

And to 300 more OG-Chans! (If it merits it)



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