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OG-Chan # 299 – Walkthrough


I love the fuck out of this one.

I know I’m tooting my own fucking horn

but I love this.

Whatever this sequence of events is called.

I love these.

TO bits.


I need to do more of them, occasionally.

Also apologies for a late night release, but this one took a bit more work than expected!





Regarding OG-Chan’s questions.

If ya’ll want more, can you stack them up on her twitter account here?

When the plot is ready to go back to silly occasionally, I’ll put the comics up here.

But I’ll keep on answering them there in the interim.




I know I mentioned that Jake is one, if not the tastemaker for the rap corps

but Dick always has a random ace up his sleeve.

Like this here from everybody’s favourite South Africans, The Answer.


Die Antwoord.

Or is it Die, Antwood


Fuck I don’t know, they make good shit.

Which apparently they rub their dicks on.





Have a good weekend everyone!