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OG-Chan # 297 – Forgetting the plot

Am I?

I wonder sometimes.


Kind of a late day post, but whatevs.




Ya’ll know I love me some mash-ups, right?


Look at this.

It’s fucking Bad Apple in english.

But it’s pretty good.

RichaadEB’s not bad from what I seen in the rest of his catalogue.

Good choice on Cristina Vee as well.

This song is important, because she was the lass who did the original version of the english version of Bad Apple.

Back when they didn’t quite trust her to match the tune. Or did it for an artistic reason.

I prefer her without. She did it good enough without.


Looking at her now, though.


I feel old.


I must be old.

I’m looking forward to a pair of shoe inserts.

Shoe inserts, for fucks sakes.


It can’t be helped, this crawling time.


That said, ya’ll should have a good weekend!