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OG-Chan # 295 – ????


It’s called codeswitching when you move from language to language to make a new phrase.

It’s neat.

I love the concept.


I honestly do worry I’ve wandered the comic into a strange direction, but.

I plan to follow it to where it leads.


Hopefully not to Mary Sue levels of retardation.

Ugh, really the worst.


Speaking of something that’s completely the opposite of the worst,

A guy took a dare from 4chan’s /mu/ to combine black metal with nigger music.

So he created an album of black metal revolving around the theme of slaves embracing Satan instead of Jesus in their nigro spirituals.

Zeal & Ardor.

It’s uh.

Oddly unsettling, but powerful in its own way.

Full album’s up there, so go check it out.