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OG-Chan # 291 – Questions for OG-Chan PT ???



Stayed up til 6 this morning playing Monster Hunter World (game too good)


played all afternoon and forgot my baby ;~;


Now it’s a late reeeeeleeeeeaaaase






that said if anybody touched my palico and I could not kill them, I would find a means to do so.

Turbo posted this and it was fuckin neat.

Limp Bizkit fits in that happy spot where the 90s didn’t make any fuckign sense since it was all neon colours and bright plastic everything.

Never watched Happy Days in my life.

But this mash-up works fantastically.


Oh heck, this reminds me.

Managed to win an art prize on Twitter.

Got a pic of OG-Chan.

But winning that made me realize I never created a reference sheet for her.

there it is.

Have it.