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OG-Chan # 287 – Questions for OG-Chan PT ???

Day 3 of the Week of OG-Chan is here!

God damn.


Reminiscing on this bullshit of mine, I realize I fucked up by suggesting the second most popular WP plugin for webcomics as my personal adaption to SuperNerdLand’s site.


Holy fuck was it a mess.

Okay so.

I had to be careful with the fucking thing.

Because that one was finicky as all hell and got angry if you touched the official controls and not the bullshit that Josh had to do to make it work.

If you did, then the entire timeline scripting of how the webcomic worked broke.

And then Josh would have to fix it, because I broke that thing at least three times in a single year because of being randomly tired at the wrong time.

Now? Now I use, uh.. Comic Easel (I had to look it up in the plugins list) and that’s the most popular one. Works like a fucking charm.


Meanwhile I had to go and screw it all up tryna be a hipster and put in, fucking.. Whatever the hell it was, for my bullshit.

Speaking of, yes, gonna strive to be better.

And probably figure out how the hell she found out. >.>;


So at work, we have this jukebox in the bakery, mainly for sanity’s sake.

And it had a bunch of weird stuff in it.

Including this fucking song for some reason.

Everyone used to skip it on me, the bastards.

I thought it was catchy, despite being fuckin’ weird.


Same day Update. It was -this- fucker, right here.

Shit sucked so god damn bad.


Also maybe we’re gonna get more affiliate links, let me bother the bald man.