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OG-Chan # 286 – Heavy Handed PT 2

God damn. 2nd of the five day Week of OG-Chan and we getting real.


And celebrating an important milestone today.

3 years ago today, I got published by Josh Bray on Supernerdland.


And then shoved onto this here website because I kept overwhelming the front page with my consistent work.

But that’s okay. This Ghetto is mine, and I have done a good work on it, keeping at it for 3 years.


I mean, I didn’t build it or nothing, that’s all on Bray. He’s the WP mans around here. I just make anime girls say dumb shit.


And apparently beat the hell out of the only consistent male in the series, god damn.




Three years.

In that time I’ve gotten 286 done.


I don’t know what else to do here.

So I can probably give shout-outs to everybody who has helped and contributed to making this thing of mine possible.


Josh Bray – editor and overlord of Supernerdland and our associated media group. Thank you for this opportunity, and for being our best friend in all this!


CBBloch – my sempai who gave me the greatest advice I have ever needed with regard to Sandra. “You have the power to make an anime girl say stupid shit. Just keep doing that.”

And lo and behold I am, 3 years later. God damn.


My little brother Ace – His constant stories are an inspiration of sorts, and he’s also done a handful of edits to the comics.


Various free 3D object file sites: I can’t remember any of them, but thank you for your free objects.


Then to every member of Supernerdland I can remember who is still alive somehow:

Cate: keep bein’ a swee lil baboo/faggot.

Dick: You too.

Martyr: Get out of your fucking state you fucking weeb jesus fucking christ.

Nacho: You too.

Scrump: don’t die in the pile of dicks that you’ve gathered around yourself.

Jake: You too.

Jordan: Just get better you fucking faggot, jesus fucking christ.

Jason: You too.

Vysetron: Come into the teamspeak more you savage cunt

Sean: You too.

Gwen: Stop being a faggot.

Indi: You too.

Darrell: You as well.


Then to our associated associate Optimus Deadpool: Your faith has been a bedrock in my own times of faith troubles. Thank you. May Graded .5 prosper.



Then to the rest of the #MyersTwitter bois all I can say is: Salve la Victoria Eterna


Then to our fans for at least appearing on the firewall as human. Thank you for your interest, and to hopefully another 3 years of OG-Chan!


God damn.


I would like to say I have special music for today.

But, all that can be said, is that it truly is a G-thang.