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OG-Chan # 274 – Questions for EvilBob PT 2, Part Deuce


What a weirdness.




My brain is all fucked up.

But I keep at this for ya’ll.

This is gonna be weird.



Being fat, being fat, being fat.

I cannot into thinking at the moment.


Accidentally overslept this morning, and it sucked, since there’s this one guy that picks me up, but thankfully he waited for me to get up.



Hrm, speaking of can into-ing, this popped up on OG-Chans’ feed, and it’s actually not bad.

Travis Scott’s not doing too badly, I think.

Just weird how Drake is a feature of all things.


Frickin’ weird.

Ah well.


Ya’ll need to do things, I wouldn’t do, on this otherwise safe weekend.

Have a good one ya’ll!