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OG-Chan # 272 – Questions for OG-Chan PT 54 Part Trois

Hrm. Starting to get weird with this.


I’m on autopilot at the moment, letting my brain do its weird shit as it works on this here plot thread unwinding outwards.

Apologies if it’s off putting, but I gotta get this here particular mind demon out.


I think it might take a couple more of these to resolve, but shouldn’t be too big of a weirdness.




Speaking of, only a couple more days before my dog goes in for surgery to get her face and teeth fixed.

She’s been tryna rub her face on stuff, and I know it’s cause of her teeth.

Feels kind of bad, fam, but.


Soon, she’ll get her bad teeth plucked out, and then she’ll be a happy woofer once more.




Not too much drama for Conan Exiles, so that’s calmed down.



It’s a lot of work to get all the stuff built and the stockpiles built up.

But we’re gonna do it.


Speaking of a lot of work, Josh is gonna revamp the site sometime soonish, and then it’ll come off looking fuckin’ spectacular.

Nice black and pinks.

It’s gonna look fucking neat fam.


Speaking of black,

Someone brought this to my attention.

I don’t much care for this weirdo flathead anime, but from what I hear from people, it’s actually not bad.

So I won’t give anybody shit for liking it.


The themesong is pretty good, and Black & Yellow mixes pretty well with it.

Perhaps too well.



Ya’ll should have a good weekend!

Do stuff I probably wouldn’t do.