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OG-Chan # 269 – Questions for OG-Chan PT 54 Part Deuce

Yeah it true, fam.

Everybody’s favourite world saving, armageddon preventing, and big-ass presidential candidate Big Nigga aka Corey Struggs aka C STRUGGS has passed.


Hell of a way to go. Nobody deserves that. Even though Sandra herself is a Blood, ostensibly, that sorta shit hits hard for her, kind of personally too.

Me as well. This is likely going to have some consequences, though, so.




Not gonna put any music here out of respect for Corey Struggs. A moment of silence for a brief legend.

Ya’ll nibbas should do your best to hug your family, and go support his still living family members as well at the above link.

And support whatever cancer research you can, soon.

We can beat it.
Big Nigga wasn’t big enough to bool on his cancer, but surely all of us are big enough to bool on that shit eventually.

Right? Right.