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OG-Chan # 268 – Thunder PT 2

oh god, Conan Exiles got fucking scary.

Apologies for the Saturday release.

I just..

My base that I’ve been taking care of, which I inherited from a friend’s clan, got broken into Friday night.

And I was just so caught up in it.


Bah. I’m sorry everyone. I will do better.

This is my mistake for forgetting my baby.




Me being a dick aside.. Check out last Monday’s comic. I updated it Friday night to try and put the details in that I forgot since that message fucked me up some.




Something for the mixtape though.

Something from my favourites.


Nothing too fancy, though, it’s some nip metal.

Yousei Teikoku is some neat shit.

They remind me of someone and I can’t remember who.


this is gonna bug me


Iwas just a wee lad..

Listening to nip music.

Stolen from the innernet.


one of them was a transvest-



fuck, one of the first nip bands I got into thanks to a brief stint of working at a Tim Horton’s (Don’t ask, but to clarify, the entire staff was weebs)




That’s what Yousei Teikoku brings back.



That was 12 years ago. Fuck.




Have a good weekend ya’ll, and don’t get addicted to shit like me.