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OG-Chan # 260 – Questions for Evil Bob

Oh boy, I answer a question for that one guy who asked the previous question of why OG-Chan don’t draw.

I had to think about this for quite a bit, and I will expound on the three main ones I answered there down here.



I work quite a bit, being an adult and all. Approximately 40 hours dedicated to using my hands a week. Not a whole lot of time to dedicate to other things, including drawing. Half hour breaks don’t offer much time other than doing a couple of retweets or reading a few chapters on my phone. Not a young billy either.

Plus, were I to do this in any other method by drawing it all out, I wouldn’t have been able to get to 260 different webcomics in nearly 2 and a half years.


There’s something to be said for those who can draw, and while I could have called myself amongst them back in the day, nowadays, I need to cheat. I would need to rely on art programs that have antialiasing lines in order to facilitate my slowly arthritis-filling hands. Who knew working with your hands would build up collections of arthritis crystals in your hand joints?


Besides. I consider myself more of a writer than anything resembling an artist. 10 or so years of running tabletop games over IRC seriously gives you some good on the fly bullshit writing powers, let me tell you what.


Making an offensive webcomic about a half breed teenage girl in a program aimed at creative teenagers in Japan has a certain audacity to it. Exploring serious themes in a cutesy program designed for teenagers to make highschool drama comics for a teen’s pixiv account, reinforces this theme of half serious, and half cutesy. Like our eponymous OG-Chan. Halfway serious, all the way cutesy. The audacity of making so many fucking webcomics in this program to tell this story, puts a weird little lump in my throat, at the accomplishment of doing so many of these fucking things and entertaining so many people.


Those are the main three reasons why I don’t draw OG-Chan, but I could think of more. Primarily, laziness. And likely not giving a fuck.


So there’s all that. I’ll probably drop another 8 panels of this before dropping back to the story.

Oh heck.

Thought of another reason while grabbing today’s music.

I find mashing the cutesy anime style with hip hop and rap culture hilarious.

Like this.

So yeah.


TL;DR fuck you I do what I want.


Thanks ya’ll at the bad webcomics wiki for helping me, though. The red fez folk were the most helpful and constructive.


To everyone else, including them, have a good weekend!