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OG-Chan # 258 – Year of the Hairy Ox


I had an idea of how to proceed with the story so no answers this time.

Monday though.




Still fluffed over Viper, though.


And I’m giggling over that back tattoo. The googly eyes are killing me.




Oh hell, uh. More music choices from Jake though.

He suggested this a little while back, and these two rappers, Murs and Slug, apparently write tribute albums to B and C list actresses that they would hope to bang.

I don’t know if it’s worked yet.


But this song is banging.

So there’s that.

Family going out to the hot springs over in the nearby area.

Can’t go because of work, but that’s okay.



Only thing is gonna have to remember to take care of the house.

Get into fights with this smol gay dog of mine.

I will get picts up here one of these days of her.

She so smol and gay.




Ya’ll need to have a good weekend, and do things I wouldn’t do.