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OG-Chan # 257 – Special Delivery PT 2

and that’s the end of this segue.

The uh.

The actual CD I got for this, came in more or less the same condition.


Battered jewel case with cracks all over.

Printed on low ply printer paper.

Two (2) CDs on burned CD-ROMs


But even if that was all that came with, it would be the realest CD delivery ever.


He went above and beyond.

And then sent me a cassette for his first album.

An actual studio print-off, not a self pirated album.


I’m still touched by this, oddly.



Any matter.

Here’s how I got it.

He misunderstood that I am OG-Chan, but that’s alright.

This friday will be a return to answers or the main story.


Probably answers.



here’s from his first album. Ten years old now.

Neat shit.