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OG-Chan # 250 – Questions for OG-Chan PT 51

So uh. I completely misunderstood the question at hand: “White Owl or Dutches?” – (Which came from our friend Birb)

And then I had to clarify it with him to figure out what he was asking.


And then found out I was completely in the dark.

He was asking what kind of cigars she’d smoke.



So that’s at least two or three levels of misunderstanding here.


Also apparently my mother is a dutch master – t. Killer Tofu


Speaking of dutch masters.

There’s a point where vocoloids are gonna start sounding human.

We’re perilously close.


Today’s song is something neat from the Gumi pattern vocaloid.

Some kinda creepy pop music that got stuck in my head.


Hrm. impending music robot apocalypse aside.

Have a good weekend ya’ll!