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OG-Chan # 249 – Confidence


Kind of a serious post today.


It cannot be helped.

This is about the only way I think Darrell would react in this situation.

It’s all too common a feel.


But that’s just it. It’s common.

You may not be the first.

Hell, you might not be the second.


But you’re here now.

Just remember that as you struggle with whatever burden you got.

You’re here.

That means it can only get better.




All this seriousness from having a water heater break (RIP $$$)



It’s gonna clash with today’s music, which is one of the happiest reggae songs from my youth.


Also this comic clearly shows why Darrell was hurt so bad after the punch.

You ever punch somebody in the jaw, let alone the teeth?



It’s not pretty.

I’m surprised he wasn’t bleeding.


Okay, maybe not, since I wrote it, but you know what I mean.