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OG-Chan # 246 – Like a Butterfly PT 2

Okay so

I’m doing this whole thing in an open office document

Because namecheap went and stole OG-Chan for a lil bit

and then took an hour and some to try and get the site back to us

those sons of bitches

this is the weirdest way to make a post, but you know what

I do it for ya’ll niggas

even if it’ll take up all fucking night while I wait for these here space mexicans to gib me my fucking website you fucking sons a bitches


so anyway, kind of a late post innit?

Been adding a bunch of things to the mixtape, but mainly uh..

90s reggae?

Still, it’s pretty good.

like this chinese lass, managing the east coast style


Fucking space mexicans better give me my website soon.

Three hours post when I’d normally post now.


okay so I think it’s up

or, no

false alarm

god damn

>it’ll take 30mins for the DNS to propogate

fuck me restless

also you hear about those fuckers report bombing porn games on steam?

Fuck em.

So what if somebody wanna be horny on main, those weirdo fuckers should get to kinda ostracize themselves from their friends who have failed to turn off Steam notifications.


How long is this going to take.

It is now.. Fuck.

Let me go check.


So still writing bullshit on this motherfucker.

Anyway, going back to that chinese girl.

She’s not so bad.

She did a song too with Margaret Cho.

Jake can’t stand her. I can kind of see why, the beat is sorta generic, and the skit kinda dumb.

Not to mention the whole thing feels overproduced.

But that’s okay.

OG-Chan would probably like her.



I wonder if it’ll get to the point where if I don’t like music I’ll add it to the list cause she’d probably like it?


Oh! It’s OG-Chan’s birthday today, I think.

At least according to Twitter.

I forget what day I put on there, and I think it was specifically for that joke involving Hitler.


I had plans to go see Deadpool 2 by getting kidnapped but the guy what was gonna kidnap me has to be involved in an intervention so.

Fuck the guy that has to be intervened.


Still nothing.

Fucking DNS systems and their improvements since the 90s when it took 72 hours to get a site up and running (now it’s down to about 30 minutes)


Hrm. I might bug Josh to see if he could get this thing up.


still nothing.

Fucking propogation taking foreeeeeever.

Also fuck yupers.

This means you Jake.


This might be the longest post I’ll ever stick up on OG-Chan.


I can’t think of a longer one, other than the 2nd anniversary where I congratulated everyone else.


Mostly just mad I can’t get at my thinger for owning it uh.

Three years now if the registrar info correct.



So going by that, OG-Chan was made a little earlier than Oct, and sometime in these early months of the year of 2015.

Only got published initially on in that year’s october. So October is gonna stay the official anniversary since that was the publishing date.

God damn how long does this registrar take?


I’ll post this on Saturday.


okay you know what, I’ll time this shit for saturday morning.