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OG-Chan # 234 – Questions for OG-Chan PT 46

Don’t elect insane bricks to Congress.


Just don’t.




It’s almost the end of tax season.

Fuck I hate adulting.


At least it’s kind of easy up here.

All I gotta do is put in stuff for things that are taxably exempt, like medical, and I’ll get a little bit of cash back for just double checking the taxman’s work.


Just the act of it though.


I’ll get it done soon enough

Fuck I hate adulting.


Also if you’re Canadian, you only got til the end of the month.

American, I think only a couple weeks.


I’m glad I stopped the meme music parade, because fucking. Czarface and MF Doom did a collaboration album, and it’s p-lit.

Go check it out.


Ya’ll have a good week.

Do everything I wouldn’t do.