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OG-Chan # 232 – Champion

holy fucking shit is this taking forever to fuckign render god damn


Also this weekend was a shit.

So many fucking old people, god damn.


It’s gonna be so quiet this weekend, but that’s okay.

More time for me to make ya’ll a good comic this easter.


Which may be a bit of a rehash considering the nature of this question, but I’m gonna do that thing I did for that one time I did the rehash that when the cop did the thing


Yeah, I totally keep everything in order, fam.

At this point, I’m just typing shit into this here form while waiting for it to export the comic aaand holy fuck it’s done.


Don’t forget.

The awful music will end when ya’ll hear J Colle again.


Is today that day?


Fucking. No.


Is it more awful meme music?


Fucking. Yes.

Blame the gay pandas for showing me this shit, fam.

God damn.

If Sandra were homegrown American, this might be shit she’d like, cause if I don’t like it, teenagers must like it.



Fuck, I think I’m getting old.