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OG-Chan # 229 – The Thespian PT 3


Time to eat a whole bag of dicks.



This St Patrick’s day finna be lit.



I don’t know what a nibba gonna do for myself though.

Probably doing a bunch of things.

Being tired probably.



On Wednesday, I’m gonna be running a game in meatspace for people.

Probably some Classic Fantasy. Which is like.

The great great great great great grandson of Runequest.


It finna be lit too.


Oh, yes. meme music.


This is gonna hurt.

I only added a couple of these to the mixtape in order to keep track of them.

This is from some weird Brazilian who covers pop music with words that sorta sound like they should in english, but.

Anyway, yanking this off the mixtape now that I posted it.

At least 4 or so more of these fucking things’ll get yanked off before I’m done posting all of them.



Have a good weekend, and don’t die on St Patricks or you’ll get sent to purgatory with all the snakes or something.