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OG-Chan # 227 – The Thespian PT 2

Hrm. Bit of a reader here lads.

But that’s okay.


Been feeling kinda in the dumps over my grandmother trying to find excuses to be mad over my sister’s health situation.


But I’mma find a way to power on through, and get them OG-Chans out.




Oh whoops. Accidentally exported as PNGs


Maybe Josh won’t notice a couple were pngs instead of JPGs.


The next few music postings from the Mixtape are gonna be memes and meme music.

Brace ya’ll selves.


Until then, however, I put a couple J Cole songs on there that I actually like.

When you hear J Cole again, the meme songs are over.

Until next time.



All ya’ll have a good weekend, and stay safe.