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OG-Chan # 219 – Questions for OG-Chan PT 42

Honestly, a meme answer for a meme question for a meme number.

The only honest answer I could get out of her, though, I think.


Heck though.

Getting this far is a little strange. I’d thought I’d have gotten like.

Blaise about posting these shits on here.



At the rate I’m going, I think I might have enough in me for at least 200 more at the current rate, if I don’t get all weird or dry out by then.

Ah well.

Kind of a weird spot to be wistful.

Dreams featuring a childhood ex will do that, I guess.



Adding some music to the mixtape blind again.

On the suggestion of Jake.

He’s usually got good taste, and it’s paid off once before.

This time I will not doubt.