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OG-Chan # 205 – Questions for OG-Chan PT 37


Sometimes simple is best.

Sometimes it can be funnier if the shit is simple.

Clearly I am only going simple because of aesthetics and not because I am hungover after drinking 4/5ths of a 750ml bottle of black rum.




Today’s question came in from our Cate, who can be found here

I’m told she wrote the question using her phone’s keyboard’s predictive autotext.

Also a not so casual reminder that OG-Chan has a character twitter, and a not so casual reminder that sometimes I lose track of time when it comes to answering any questions you may have of this wee potty mouthed girl.

Any questions I get asked, I put in this big old text file and then wait until either like, 8 panels of story go by or I figure out an answer.




Speaking of using freedom of speech.

Check out this song from Immortal Technique.

God damn.