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OG-Chan # 194 – A Few Minutes Earlier

THIS is the fucking comic that made it difficult to write for a bit.


And then I just bucked up and fucking did it.




Jumped right on that fucking wagon train.


Speaking of jumping on that fucking wagon train.

You see what our man Roadman Shaq up and did?


He found a producer.

And then someone who was willing to help him rewrite his freestyle just a bit.

And look at what that fucker up and did.


He made himself a meme.

God damn.


Braver man than I.


Sometimes I wish I was a meme, but that takes either an extraordinary amount of talent or its complete opposite.






Not much to report.

But we’re going back to doing writing things on

If I get any pieces up on there again, I’ll be sure to share them here as well.



Ya’ll should stay safe this weekend and don’t let the snow bury you.