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OG-Chan # 192 – Huái jiù

Okay so.

Finally gonna comment on NeoGAF collapsing.


Didn’t wanna go off half cocked if it, y’know, came back up or whatever.


But you know what, since it came back up, I’ll still insult it.


Fuck NeoGAF

That place is and was worse than fucking North Korea.

At least North Korea has the decency to kill you after torturing everything remotely wrong-think out of your body.


No, these fuckers make you wait, trying to make those accounts have value because of time investment.


Fuck em.

Fuck NeoGAF, and the journos that called it home.

Ya’ll virtue signalling cunts knew about Malka’s behaviour before all this shit went down, and refused to report on it

All because his forum was the It place on the net, and catered to your decadent asses.







Outbursts aside.

Jake put this in the teamspeak and I can’t disagree with it.

I have no idea who Kayo Dot is.

But this is some kind of surreal ambient noise project or something.


Fairly listenable.



Ya’ll take care over the weekend.

Don’t go respecting women now, you hear?