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OG-Chan # 187 – Time for a Chat

It’s been two fucking years since we got this shit published on here.

Two fucking years.

Two fucking years of dealing with this here shit.

I got something against celebrating first anniversaries. One should try and get to the second before any fanfare is blown, lest that celebration blow up in your face.


Look where we are now.



First and foremost, before I get to either this week’s song, or, as mentioned before, my embarassing recording,

I would like to thank each of the following people:

@CBBloch – I casually mentioned that this nigga was my comic sempai and was the one who gave me the advice to just keep making anime girls say stupid shit. I have continued to do so, and so now we have two years of this shit. Thank you.

@DocBray – For helping put this site together and make it readable, getting all the site plugins together to make it useful, and for putting up with my shit too. And for being SuperNerdLand‘s leader. Thank you.

@KillerTofu – For always providing awkward plot ideas, the vast majority of which I hope to eventually put out (even though this thing can only move so fast for a four panel comic). And for being my biggest fan. Thank you.

@DrScienceWizard – For lending your name to Darrell and finally ensuring that I will always be able to spell your version of your name properly. Thank you.

@SuperNerdLand – For everyone else at SuperNerdLand, I must thank you in general for always being there in times of trouble, in times of prosperity, in times of woe, and times of joy. Thank you Cate, our adopted gimp Evan, Gwen, Indigo, Jason, Jake (IGUESS), Martyr, Nacho, Scrump, our weird kid Troy that hangs out once in a while. And to all our other SuperNerdLand cousins that occasionally wander in.

To my family, specifically my two brothers Jordan and Adrian. Even though “the blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb”, we proved otherwise, and kept together where all other things seemed to fall apart around us.. Distance may separate us, but we’re still of the clan. Thank you.

To my nibbas of #ComradeHeresy on the Rizon. Ya’ll my niggas til the end.

To the niggas of #MyersTwitter – ya’ll are faggots. Keep it up.


And finally, but certainly not least: I must thank every one of my fans, the hundreds of you that read this. There are literally dozens of you. Dozens. Thank you. :’3




Enough tallywacking, I suppose.

I promised embarassing shit, and who am I to hold back on a promise.

If anything this vid sums up the themes of OG-Chan best.

This comic is about the awkwardness of growing up a halfie at a tender age when all things are awkward and terrifying.

About grasping at something you’re not just to have something to hold onto.

About dealing with Loss (No, not that one), growth, and generally maturing when you’re not sure where you fit.



To think all of this came out of making anime girls say stupid shit.


Now that I’m embarrassed enough to want to be murdered 187 style, fucking..

Have a classic. from Dr Dre & Snoop Dogg – Deep Cover.


That said.

Glad I managed to get this comic to 187 on its 2nd anniversary.

Sure, it took an entire week of comics (#WeekOfOGChan 4lyfe)

But that was fun.

I might do it again next year.