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OG-Chan # 184 – Landing PT 2

Okay. So

#WeekofOGChan is doing pretty good.

Eating fried chicken.

Not being in Jail.

It’s a pretty good day.


Also forgive me please for the shitty fourth panel. ;~;

I had to try and layer her legs over his face in

and I kinda proved why I should maybe use GIMP or something, I don’t know.


As for music.

I did mention I would include music here that was hard to listen to because it was good.

It offends the sensibilities that Danielle Bregoli of all people could trap to a fucking beat.

I mean, it’s not hard.

But to make it sound good?

That’s hard.

God damn.

Not bad for someone I’m kind of half blaming for the existence of OG-Chan

(even though she was famous years after this comic came out shut up it’s my SOURCE CANON OKAY? ;~;)





I honestly thought about this comic for forever.

Wondering if it would cross some kind of line.

And maybe it did.


But not as much as I have planned for the followup!