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OG-Chan # 182 – Questions for OG-Chan PT 29

oh god

Time for the long march.



Okay so far so good.

Bit of filler, but still fills out the plot some.

This is gonna be weird.

Maybe I can talk a little about how I think up this whole shit.



I don’t so much plan things, so much as think about possible outcomes.

Between here and those outcomes, depends on other things.

Like my feels from here to that time frame.

Or something off happens while I’m at home. (Or at work.)

Or something weird happens and I gotta make fun of it somehow.

Or somebody gives me a suggestion and I roll with it because it sounds funny.



So I don’t really have a plan so much as a journey towards something.

What exactly?

I don’t know.

We’re on that journey now, being gangstas the whole while.



As for music this Monday evening.

Running off a suggestion from Josh.

Again. I don’t got a plan for music. Let alone good music.

But MF Doom though? He’s a good listen.

Especially this here new shit from MF Doom.

Technically it’s by KMD who’s doing the producing, and Jay Electronica is doing some of that too but

Enjoy em rap, fams.