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OG-Chan # 181 – Gesäß zu Gesicht PT 3



Earlier today I announced somefin’.

Now to get to the point.


Ya’ll regular niggas may have noticed we have 181 fucking comics up in this bitch.


Some of the more astute niggas may have noticed that the 2nd anniversary of OG-Chan being published on this wide web is on the 9th.


And supremely brilliant ass niggas may have noticed: The 2nd Anniversary of OG-Chan is not going to land on 187.




The most gangsta of meme numbers. Straight up murder.

(Beyond godlike niggas would notice that if I didn’t take two weeks a year off this comic I’d have only one comic to worry about)



What is a nigga to do?

Well, I’ll tell you what I’m gonna do.

I’m declaring this week before the 2nd anniversary to be the Week of OG-Chan!


I am going to, across all five days of next week, put a comic up to increase the number of comics published

so the shit what comes out on October 9th will end up on 187!



So! Week of OG-Chan soon! In.. Three days.

(It’s gonna be heck)



As for music though, this Friday I actually rather liked this un from A$AP Rocky

Might have to listen to his other work, but this isn’t bad.

But then again, it -was- made to be consumed by the mainstream, and that shit is easy to listen to.


Next week I’mma focus on some of the harder to listen to shit.

Some cause it’s good, some cause it’s bad. Some cause it’s really ugly.

But get hype, fam

It’s gonna be the week of OG-Chan




Have a good weekend!