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OG-Chan # 175 – Questions for OG-Chan PT 28

God damn.


On Monday, I had to play with fucking gap foam.

That shit is a bitch to play with.


Fuck that stuff with a fucking rock.

I wish I had gloves.

I could have taken pictures, but it was gross looking.


Also, this will be dedicated to my cat Sally that absolute whore.


So hard to get a good picture of.



As for today’s shit, I was gardening. And cooking.

Enjoy my gardening and cooking tips.






I don’t know-

Wait, shit.

(Thanks Dick)

I forgot about these assholes.

Used to listen to em when a nigga was young.

And they were pretty spastic.

But they were good.


And with that said, ya’ll niggas should have a good weekend, and be safe.