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OG-Chan # 173 – Drop Kicks for Justice PT 2

Don’t fuck around with Japanese business card culture.

It can get serious pretty quickly.

This is probably the only reason why this vid was so funny back in the day.

Some iconoclasm out of nowhere.


Ya’ll fucking kids don’t know what memes were god damn it.



I think I’m feeling my mortality a little.

I’m turning 30 on Saturday.

30 fucking years. God damn it.


Where has the time gone?






When the people in the teamspeak chat, music comes up quite frequently.

As you can maybe tell,

This is where I get most of my inspiration for the week’s music.


Normally, I ask em if I’m out of ideas.

But other times, I just sorta absorb what errybody’s going on about.


And then.

And then something magical like this comes out of the discussions.


I was not aware of the concept of sludge pop.

It’s an odd genre, where one takes pop music and slows it down until it becomes kind of grungy


Or sludgey, I suppose.


But there’s another sub sub genre which involves slowing down music that was crafted for the Chipmunks

and then bringing it down to sludge pop levels.

There’s an odd thing about the production of Chipmunk music.


You can’t just, take any old song and throw it on 78 RPM and make that mother fucker into a Chipmunk song.

No. You have to enunciate and be extremely clear with all your consonants while singing slowly.

Otherwise the song will be unlistenable.


But slow it back down to what a human voice should sound like, and then you get this.

Chipmunk sludge pop.



Interdasting stuff.



Ya’ll have a good weekend.

I know I will on Saturday.