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OG-Chan # 170 – When you hear Whoop Whoop PT 2.5

I honestly like how this turned out from his perspective.


I could have gone the lazy route and just redid these panels but it didn’t seem right.




No matter.


You know what does matter?

The music of the week!

It’s a fucking remix album of Daft Punk vs Beastie Boys.

What’s not to love?


Oh. uh.

I managed to get this shit out today super fast (compared to normal slow) thanks to A Soft Murmur.

Go check it out.


As well.

I did my best to make the Kamen Rider look like a shit bootleg toy.

So uh.

I don’t own Kamen Rider

I don’t even know what Kamen Rider is.

I just know Bandai Namco owns that shit.

So don’t sue, plox.