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OG-Chan # 163 – Coming Straight from the Underground PT 2

woo! FUCK yeah da weekend

And no D&D game tonight~!







This couple of comics probably gonna focus on NWA

But that’s okay.
That shit’s p-tight fam.


I know I had this song on the mixtape somewhere by whats their nuts but fam

I gotta at least put the old version on this bitch.

Check it out. Some of the gooder songs from NWA will be featured here.

Cutting this song from today, refeaturing it on 164 because of the numbering.



Of note, I have a soft spot for Primus.

I can’t remember if I put any songs on here, but

You know what I also fucking like?

Crossover covers.

I couldn’t fucking help it.

Here’s Duo De Twang playing Stayin’ Alive