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OG-Chan # 148 – Questions for OG-Chan PT 23


Sorry fams.

Last week we had to renew the domain name.

And then I couldn’t get on the fucking thing.

Everybody else could, but I couldn’t.

Fucking tanked my will to work right there, with no set deadline.


Ah well.

Got this shit out today!

Speaking of, however, gonna get that loot out.

Got a handful of places to start it from, thanks to Herr Josh.



As for this here week’s music? Hrm.

I always kind of look with some trepidation at the mixtape.

“Did I do this one before???” “oh god why did I put this on here”

But not today, fams.

Today, we got some more Tech N9ne

This here bit features Big Scoob and Krizz Kaliko!

Pretty good shit here.