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OG-Chan # 125 – Alibi Alibaba

weirdo title change again.

Probably sick of saviour atm

No matter.


YA’ll wanna see the efforts that can be put into fucking layering up in this bitch?

This is today’s comic.

Fucking twenty fucking layers on one panel alone.

A half hour or so of work in, and GIMP (not a lot on the latter tbh)

And it comes out like this.

Fucking faaantastic.





Got some new music from the mixtape.

Hopsin one of them niggas I love to listen to once in a while, and it’s good to see him having grown up and all.

This weirdo blitz into R&B’s not a bad thing for him, as long as he keeps good to himself.

Also fuck you Nacho

Now I can’t stop listening to this other song, however.

Sabaton is one of those bands I kind of listened to, to both get some good music and a history lesson at the same time.

But this fucking song man.

I cry everytime.

Quite seriously.

I teared up at work listening to this song.