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OG-Chan # 121 – Saviour PT 4

You know, the voluminousity of this comic just hit me.

120 fucking pages of near absolute nonsense.

Like. Three story lines.

Maybe more.

I haven’t forgotten any yet so far.

But like. Moving storylines ahead is kind of hard.

No matter.

I’mma keep doing what I’m doin’.

Making this nonsense.

And enjoying it.

Speaking of enjoying shit.

Check out what I had originally lined up for Friday, but then All Eyez on Me’s trailer came out.

Some of the fastest raps I’ve heard in a good long while, featuring some of the best speed rappers of our time.

So good.

Loving it.

But you know what I don’t love?

Valentine’s day.

But only because of that making hundreds of dick shaped breads thing.

I’ll be alright.

I’ll probably be tired up until Friday.

But don’t worry for me.




As an aside tfw no gf