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OG-Chan #118 – Saviour PT 2


Back from my creative break. Like a nigga at the Oatmeal said, being creative is like breathing.

Sometimes you gotta stop holding your breath once in a while.

Anyway! Been gathering music, and resting up my brain.

And this is one of the new songs I’ve been listening to (Alongside a lot of new Tech N9NE)

Been seeing it on OG-Chan’s Timeline. <- (Bother her – do it fagget)

And it’s pretty lit, tbh.

Any matter.  With regards to Supernerdland stuff, we got a new podcast called Weeb Trash, and our other podcast Graded 0.5, dealing with Animu bullshit, and Comics, respectively.

Gonna link to the first when it’s in full production.

But here’s a link to Graded 0.5!