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OG-Chan # 116 – Lost PT 2

Okay so

I managed to get like.
TWO ahead.

And then I opted to sleep forever instead.


Anyway! That should be able to do me for my stuff.

Speaking of.

I was reminded by Scrumpmonkey today that Area Codes was a thing during a mild discussion on censorship.

Not gonna get into it too much, but we talked about how radio stations used to censor the shit out of music.

And then this song came up.

Which was a fucking velvety song about ho puns.

So velvety

And it got past all the censors.

Because it was all puns.

Double puns like “whore’mones”.

It’s fucking neat.

That’s how you get past censors. You make fucking double and sometimes even triple puns.

Love it.

Love you Chris.