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OG-Chan # 112 – Alibi PT 6

I’m on the road to learning new rap every day with you people.

I ain’t nowhere near finished.

I will never be finished learning of new music.

It is a journey with its highs, and with its many lows.


And one of these lows is a song my nephew brought to my attention.

Jesus fucking christ.

The lyrics are mumbled.

The backing track is generic as fuck.

And don’t get started on the video.

This motherfucker may be just starting in the game, but maybe whoever’s gate-keeping this shit should have some fucking standards.

You can’t just let every half-assed mother fucker in a tank-top get a record deal.

You just can’t.

I submit this song, as evidence why you should not.



As for other news, gonna be back at it with the other tabletop boys, so I’ll provide links back to their content soon(TM)