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OG-Chan # 102 – Calling in a Favour




New to me!

But fucking Run the Jewels ran a fucking concept album about cats that they released a year ago-ish.

Fucking CATS

Check that shit out (Playlist on the second vid)

But for anything new? Well. Not really. Looking forward to two pieces of equipment I ordered for.

A SS Gear and a fight-stick.

So I can look at anime tiddies in VR.


As for anything else I’m doing right now, our Mutants and Masterminds game has been put on a two week hiatus due to one of the players having a need to work for a living.

That poor bastard.

(This coming from a poor bastard)


So what’d you think would be a fair price point for say, three stickers, if they were OG-Chan Silhouettes with maybe Darrell’s and Hsieyun’s face onem? Give comments and thoughts below.