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OG-Chan # 100 – Recap

Well shit.

I take a few days off for Veteran’s day and Trump becomes the new emperor of the United States. Goodness gracious.


Yes, I did not have a post ready for Remembrance/Veteran’s Day specifically because it is a day of mourning. \

Not a day for the 100th comic.

That said.

This means I am going to submit myself to the Bad Webcomics wiki to determine if it belongs there or if I’m mediocre or what.

And 100 comics. Goodness gracious, I should review this software, I think.

Hell of a way to review some software bought on a random whim though.

Make a 100 page webcomic and end on a cliff-hanger.



No I’m not ending here, I will keep writing, keep going as long as I have ideas.

That said, gonna have to figure out some means of getting cash, and one of those is stickers. Looking into a local place who specializes in this sort of stuff to see what I’d have to put down to get some stickers of all kinds made.


Keep an eye out here lads and lasses.


As for this day’s music, I saw this flying about the SuperNerd groups and found it was fucking fanstastic. Childish Gambino does some excellent shit and this is no different.

Keep up the good work my nigro!


And to everyone else, may we have 100 more pages!