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OG-Chan #1 – Real Kawaii Gangstas

OG-Chan #1 – Real Kawaii Gangstas

Edit: For those curious when I got help with making this comic a little better, that would be roughly around #100. Check it out.


Sometimes I wonder what the fuck is wrong with me.

I bought this program on a lark. Bought it on a discount. And then doubled down on the DLC because I found out that the DLC is rather ridiculously priced, and the discount made all of it reasonable. I began moving to purchase the ones with the most props in them, and varied costumes. And then I made this comic with this character, OG-Chan, using absolutely none of the DLC.

Several more comics were made with her in them, as she began to solidify in my head. She is a spoiled brat living in a typical anime highschool world. With an atypical behavioural tic that some may find offensive. I would hope you find it offensive, but hilarious.

Showing them about to others, they too found OG-Chan hilarious. And here I hope you will too, in the upcoming weeks as I make more comics of this ridiculous character.

Please note: The lines were present in the original comic file that I had actually destroyed weeks earlier. These will not be present in future editions of this comic.